Khayon & The Anamnesis

Aaron Dembski-Bowden


By OutlandIdol, on DeviantArt.

Wow. Seriously in love with this.

Thanks to everyone that linked it to me on various forums and FB groups, and anyone that commented on it on FB with spoilers is now my enemy.

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Dominic Cooper Set For ‘Preacher’ Lead


After lengthy negotiations, Dominic Cooper has closed a deal to play the lead in AMC drama pilot Preacher, based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s cult 1990s comic. The project, from Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, Sony TV and amclogo4__140305172543-275x125__140516202144AMC Studios, centers on Jesse Custer (Cooper), a conflicted preacher in a small Texas town who merges with a creature that has escaped from heaven and develops the ability to make anyone do anything he says. Along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and an Irish vampire named Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), the three embark on a journey to literally find God. The cast also includes Lucy Griffiths who plays Emily, and Ian Colletti, who plays Eugene Root, aka Arseface. Cooper is with CAA and UK Agent Alex Irwin.

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Depression is a Bastard: How Scott Lynch Faced His Demons and Became a Bestseller

Relentless Reading

“I realized that as of this moment I had to be totally honest, or I would be dancing around this question for the rest of my natural life.”

Scott Lynch (third from left) at Tucson Festival of Books. With Beth Cato, Brian Keene and Jeff Marriotte (L-R). Scott Lynch (third from left) at the Tucson Festival of Books. With Beth Cato, Brian Keene and Jeff Mariotte (L-R).

Scott Lynch is an inspiration. In 2006 he was the hot young voice in fantasy, riding high on the success of his novel The Lies of Locke Lamora. Its sequel, Red Seas Under Red Skies seemed to fulfill the promise of the series, about a pair of thieves known as the “Gentlemen Bastards.” But death, divorce and depression derailed his career.

But Lynch didn’t hide his problems — since 2010 he has been forthright with his readers, sharing the harrowing experiences that nearly destroyed his career, and as a result he has become an ambassador for victims of depression. And his…

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Some News

So things have a been a bit quiet here, that is due to me having moved my blogs to my new site.

From now on you will find me here:

Chronicles of Gor: Worldbook Preview ‘N’

Postmortem Studios



Northern Forests: A huge swathe of dense, old woodland the Northern Forests are practically impenetrable to large armies which lose order rapidly. They are the haunt of bandits, outlaws and panther girls, the runaway slave bands of the forests, skilled archers and hunters who spar – often – with the outlaws who dwell here. Where the forests meet the water, neutral trading grounds are found where outlaws and panthers alike trade and sell slaves and furs.


The Northern Forests are truly enormous and form a natural barrier between Torvaldsland and the rest of the north, and civilised Gor to the south – at least by land. The forest seems to be a blend of needle trees and broad leafed trees depending how far north and how close to the coast that you go. We didn’t spend too much time there for fear of Panther Girls and outlaws…

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INTERVIEW: Dan Abnett Heads into ‘Lawless’ Territory for 2000AD

Moar Dan Abnet writing for 2000AD 🙂

Currently running in the pages of Judge Dredd Megazine, Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade’s Lawless moves away from the central block wars and hi-tech warways of MegaCityOne and off into the outer frontier. The series is a black and white western focusing on Colonial Marshall Metta Lawson as she heads into her new district in an attempt to bring the 2000AD law to the outskirts of society.

Not an easy job at the best of times, but as evidenced so far – especially not an easy job for her right now. Far away from the the resources of MegaCityOne, ‘law’ doesn’t mean much for the people of BadRock, where Marshall Lawson sets down as the story begins. Perhaps it’s time for her to try something a little conventional if she wants to bring a bit of stability to the frontier?

With the series starting in issue #350 of Judge Dredd Megazine, it…

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 10 #1 Review: Slayers Doing What They Do Best

It is really wonderful that the story kept going after the TV show ended.

Another Castle

Source: Dark Horse Comics Source: Dark Horse Comics

Buffy is back for more vampire slaying action in Buffy The Vampire Slayer: New Rules. In this, the 10th season of the comic, we see the team has found a way to get into more trouble. After saving the world from slayer turned super vampire Simone and bringing magic back to the world, Buffy is doing great and has been reunited with her friends Willow, Xander, and Spike. But things cannot stay content for long and weird things are afoot, leaving Buffy to again do what it takes to restore the balance in the world.


The story takes place in Santa Rosita, California during a massive battle against a horde of Zombies. After bringing magic back into the world Buffy and her team must work with the vampire to clean up the mess it brought. As the story progresses the tension in this new…

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Unrepentant Geraldines; new album by Tori Amos

Twitter is wonderful for so many things and I was lucky enough last week to win a copy Unrepentant Geraldines which the RTE arts show Arena was giving away.


It arrived in this mornings post and I was once again transported away by the Music of Tori Amos. Fom her haunting vocals and how she makes her pianos sing. The album comes in a flip book case, with glossy pages with shots of Tori, the lyrics to each track and a bonus DVD which I will save to watch another day.

This Album is full of thought provoking songs, which I always expect. Ones which I know I will continue to find more meaning over the next few years, with tracks named Trouble’s Lament, Selkie and my favorite so far Wild Ways, as it speaks of passion and opens up with the words ” I hate you….”

‘Constantine,’ others get NBC series orders

Very hopeful about the Constantine show, he is such a sexy bastard, even for a blonde.