Eirtakon 2012

Sunday morning I was up and out to attend Eirtakon.

Eirtakon is the longest running Anime convention in Ireland and had grown to that stage that it’s not just anime and with official numbers of 1,900 attendees is the biggest fandom convention in the country.

Eirtakon started in 2005 and only had 200 attendees, but every year the dedicated founders, committee and members of the DCU Anime & Manga Society worked to make the even more inclusive. This year the convention which started on Friday evening and ended late Sunday evening had something for just about every sort of geek. Yes there was cosplay but it ranged from anime & manga to Dr who and mainstream comics.

There were anime screenings and the maid cafe but there was also collectable card tourneys, table top rpgs and boardgames, fighting games and fps competitions and panels on a range of topics from sewing skills for creating your own costume ( ran by members of TOG Dublin Hackerspace), to Inde Game Development, to a workshop on painting minifigs.

The age range is younger then I am used to at Irish Gaming Conventions, there were several parents following in the wake of their children looking rather bemused or sitting crashed out with coffee minding the swag, while their offspring chatted with other attendees. Most of the attendees embrace all sorts of gaming and all something needs to be is fun. The whole event seems to grant lenience to be silly which is wonderful, as often I think gamers can be too serious.

My two favorite cosplay of the convention.

With attendee numbers at Eirtakon 2012 reaching 1,900 is the biggest Geek/Fandom event in the country and seems to have the same type and cross over of events one only sees in conventions in the USA, but with numbers like those it seems to be the way to go.



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