“Real Comic Fans”

This topic is doing the rounds at the moment, as certain fandom have started to become more mains stream, more people will turn up at conventions. What makes a person a fan is going to change.

I would say its someone who knows the origin stories and major plots about their favorite chars. I know that is tricky given that there is at times so much cross over with tv shows and films. That it is possible that some one can say they are a batman fan with out ever having read Dark Knight or Killing Joke ( I know some will think that blasphemy) but if a person has seen all the movies, watched all of the WB Cartoons, batman, justice league, played the lego games, the Arkham games and watch all the movies, I don’t know how I could say they weren’t a Batman fan, and I can understand how someone who has some in contact with Comic book fandom and went to conventions might get sneered at.

There shouldn’t have to be a required reading list, or a required spend.

Cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream, dressing up is not just for holloween any more and it is I think about a shift in ‘fandom’ demographics were the younger generations were it’s considered cool and fun and who have less issues re gender assumption about fandom, which is influenced by the rise of Anime fandom.

I was at eirtakon, which was Irelands first Anime and Manga Convention.
There was this year 1,900 attendees. It’s a general fandom con at this stage.

There were cos players there as DC and Marvel chars, mostly DC and a fair few young women doing gender cross cos play.

This is weird to older generations who also like the chars and comics, and when I see that type of fuss it reminds me of the grumpy old fellas who bitched and moaned about women being allowed in the bar and women drinking pints, they felt impinged upon in what they considered their space and didn’t want it or how they carried on it, to change.

Fandom will move on with out them.

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