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A rare interview with Tim Curry about Rocky Horror

Tim Curry talks about the Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

To my knowledge this is the only full interview that Tim Curry gave about his part in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Recorded during the week that the film was released in 1975, he talks about his roll in the film and whether or not he would play the part again….
The interviewer is Mark Caldwell. Clips were provided by Fox-Rank. The programme was made in black and white.
Fox has recently (June 2012) reviewed and released any copyright claim on the film footage appearing in this video.

The film was released the year I was born so really RHPS and all it’s glory with breaking taboos has always existed as far as I am concerned and it’s a shame that it is still so radical.

RHPS used to run every weekend until the Classic Cinema closed down, but it’s still shown in Dublin with a troop of performers, the next performance is the Anti Valentines event on the 16th February 2013 in the Sugar Club.


Don’t Dream it, Be it!


JDIFF Much Ado About Nothing Joss Whedon Screening.

Much Ado About Nothing
Savoy / 06.30pm
Saturday 23 February, 2013

Joss Whedon will attend the screening.

Tickes on sale tomorrow here:

Or filmbase in Templebar, don’t say you weren’t told 🙂

“Joss Whedon’s impact on youth culture is already hard to overestimate. Now he’s made the first great contemporary Shakespeare since Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

The concept is not so incongruous: Whedon is one of the few blockbuster film-makers who also has a semi-rep acting company. Small-name regulars from Buffy, Angel and Firefly reel off blank verse in the director’s own LA mansion. He shoots the play like an episode of Desperate Housewives – an especially farcical one.

Whedon’s key coup is in simply directing a very good version of the play. He’s got a keen ear for comedy, a no-nonsense approach to ditching the gags that don’t work, a deft hand for slapstick and an eagerness to use it. The vainglory and the self-delusion of his leads is beautifully done by both Alexis Denisof (Benedick) and Amy Acker (Beatrice); Whedon adds a one-night stand flashback that lends strange credence to their bruised egos and prickly banter.

Much Ado may be a bit of a B+ staple on the Shakespeare circuit, but Whedon makes it feel second to none.”

Warpcon 23 Program & GM Call

Posted on the Warpcon official Facebook page this afternoon.

Alas, the website will be down until further notice! 😦

But if you want to know about all the awesome things that’s going on at Warpcon why not have a look at our booklet! =D

Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend!

And here is the link to the program.

They are also looking for moar GMs

Warpcon is drawing ever closer and we are in the final run to get everything ready for the big weekend. To that end I am asking for anyone interested in being a GM to help in running RPGs over the weekend to make themselves known to me.

If you run 3 or more games you will get free entry and all GM’s get fed sweets during their games to keep them going!

So please contact me ar if you’re interested in GMing any games and I will add you to my list and call upon your services this weekend.


Dudley Martin
Warpcon XXII RPG Coordinator

Discworld RPGs & LARPs at Irish Conventions

One of the great thing about Irish gaming, is that the community is pretty small and you get to know people. I honestly can say my gaming experiences, have been even more wonderful due to cultivating friendships with people who write the games, I like to play.

One of these people has been Ian Power who’s first ever rpg scenario GURPS:Discworld: “Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons” did so well there was such a clamor for sequels that he was cajoled into writing “Cogs and Dogs” and “Blood at Stake” which as a duo re ran at Vaticon as people who missed out on them at Gaelcon and Warpcon

Then Ian tried his hand at writing a LARP and so ” Thud : The Musical : The Larp” was conceived. It seems that it is even more fun to make costumes and larp in the Discworld universe and to take part in the auditions for Thud: The Musical.


I for one am not likely to forget the 6ft tall wizard from the unseen university singing in a a wonderful baritone voice, “I kissed a Dwarf and I liked it”

Following on from that is ” The All Guilds Ankh-Morpork Tiddly Winks Championship
which will be running at Warpcon this weekend.

The description is as follows:

[Excerpt from The Ankh-Morpork Times Octeday 16th Offle]

Spirits are high in the Guilds this week as next weekend is The All Guilds Ankh-Morpork Tiddly Winks Championship. This noble event has been running almost since the formation of the guilds, and great prestige awaits the winner and his guild. Or indeed her Guild, the Seamstresses entrant this year is rumoured to never leave her opponent with a free wink. Current favourite is the Assassins Guild entrant, said to be lethal with a Squidger, but the Thieves guild entrant holds the record for the most tiddlies in a championship game.

This is a Larp set in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and using the Official Rules of Tiddlywinks (2012 version) as approved by the English Tiddlywinks Association and sanctioned for use by the North American Tiddlywinks Association and the International Federation of Tiddlywinks Associations. (And no, I didn’t make that up)

Also one of the perks of having friends, who write games, is you get input to chars and get your character packs early. So I will be playing the first ever lady member of the Fools Guild who is taking part in the The All Guilds Ankh-Morpork Tiddly Winks Championship. Sure what else would you be doing early Saturday morning at a games convention in U.C.C.

Oh and if anyone wants to talk to Ian Power about his games he can be found here

And a copy of Cogs and Dogs can be found on the scenario bank.

Warpcon 23

Warpcon 23 is this coming weekend the 25th – 27th January.

It is the annual games convention held on campus at University College Cork (UCC) and run by the college game soc with screenings by the scifi soc.

There will be rpgs, larps, war games, board games, card games of various types.
I am looking forward to the rgps and larps and it will be the my first gaming session for the new year.

The time table for larps and rpgs have yet to go up on the official site so I have mirrored them here fro the facebook page

More information on the games can be found here

Warpcon is always a wonderful way to clear out the cobwebs after the winter and enduring family and to spend the last weekend of the winter catching up with friends and making new ones.

Rhianna Pratchett at TEDx Transmedia 2012 – ‘The Future of the Videogames Writer’

A wonderful insight into how to write for video games, how the medium plays a part in telling the story. Rhianna Pratchett has being doing this for the last 14 years and has written from some of my favorite games esp the OverLord series.

For those of us who have been playing games from an early age, it is part of interactive story telling and they are a wonderful art form for shared story experiences and one which last for 40+ hours rather then a 2 hour movie.

Dates so far for Irish game conventions in 2013

Warpcon in Cork 25-27 January
K2 in Kerry 22 – 24 February
Leprecon in Dublin 8 -10 March
Itzacon in Galway 22 – 24th
Vaticon in Dublin 5 – 7th April
Qcon in Belfast 28 -30 June
Brocon in Limerick 13- 15 July
Gaelcon in Dublin 25 -28 October

Those with out dates yet are:
Conspiracy which is usually in September
Dominicon which usually runs in November.

I will be writing more about each one just wanted to get the dates into my calendar for the coming year, still have to sort out the listing for the scifi, anime and comic cons happening this year.

Fable: The Disapointment

We’ve had a Kinect in the house and rigged up to an xbox for the last year, we’re also fans of the Fable franchise. We’ve had all the previous games from the very first on the original xbox, most of the DLC ( even the dog pack, resulting in pink poodles ) for the two games which ran on the xbox360.

So when there was a final game coming out, we had been looking forward to it, hoping it would help the franchise, which we considered to have peaked with Fable II.

We finally got it this festive season.


Both my brats were very excited they both spent many, many hours playing all of the games, both in single player and multiplayer. It was the game in which they got to see the impact of their choices and how they treated people, so there had been a lot of anticipation for this game.

Over the last year we’ve played a range of Kinect enabled games, to mostly jump about and pose in the sitting room, feeling and looking more then a little bit silly and often literally falling about laughing. Which I must admit started before the Kinect with You’re in the Movies, which came with a camera.

Some of the best games were indie games, Doritos Crash course, Hole in the wall, leedmees, and there was also Kinect Adventures. Now in fairness not all the games which used the Kinect were shove the sofa back games, the voice interactions were useful in playing Sim and in Skyrim, give two young teens the chance to yell Fu Ro Da that the TV instead of pressing a button and they will.

So it’s fair to say we are pretty Au fiat with Fable and the Kinect before the seal was ever popped on The Journeys box.

On of the first things was it was very exacting in how you had to sit in front of the Kinect sensor, which ended up with a chair from the dining table having to be used instead of an armchair or sofa, but fair enough we started the game.

First appointment was that we were stuck playing a youth, there was no option to play a lass, and that for me and my brats is a backwards step from the last two games.

Every Kinect game controls are going to be different, there are new moves to be learned, and the system and the player must go through a process of calibration, it’s to be expected. Most games these days instead of a intro/tutorial the first act of the game slowly introduces the moves and actions. Some times this is handled really well in a game and other others it just frustrates.

Unfortunately Fable: The Journey did nothing but frustrate. Every time you thought you were just getting the hang of the section and starting to enjoy it and immersion was being to happen, the game would halt completely, with what was to happen next, cutting away from the game completely, to a static screen which you had to wait until the instructions were given with no way to cut a head and you had to wait until the next box appeared on the screen and move the hand to it and hold it there for 30 seconds.

There were at least 7 in the first act alone, each one a massive interruption. The process was even more painfully when it moved to the second act in which you are lead by the nose painfully through the section on how to use magic. Clunky doesn’t cover it.

Every loading screen from one section to the next again instructed you how and were to sit, while playing the game, which was displayed clearly, making the loading between sections also disruptive to what little game play was experienced before in sheer frustration we gave up.

Wanting to try a new control system for a game and the grá for the series only held out for so long. When your kids are finding it impossible and are wondering if the content for the world they love will be a book or that they can watch someone else play it on Youtube to find out the story, a game has got it very wrong.

There was very little, story payoff, game play or satisfaction only frustration after over 60 mins of trying to play the game. And as for the title of this post, Fable: The Disappointment, that’s what my brats have now nick named the game.