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Another Castle

In the wake of a horrific year, President Obama and many other politicians like him briefly looked at video games as the cause. Although still part of the heavy debate, the ESRB, or Entertainment Software Rating Board, has already begun to take steps to improve educating parents on the appropriateness of titles.

Set to launch a heavy marketing campaign in the coming months, the ESRB looks to raise awareness of the rating systems through local and national television broadcasting. The ESRB is also looking to extend their ratings coverage to mobile and social games.

U.S. Senator John Thune spoke with IGN, stating, “The video game industry makes games for people of all ages, but that doesn’t mean all games are appropriate for everyone.” He continued on praising the ESRB’s actions in their awareness campaign, “I commend the industry for raising awareness of the tools available to parents that can…

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